Google Analytics results for your website feed into Webfingerprints to give your data that is meaningful, easy to understand, and consistent with other integrations in your report.

View your website traffic in detail alongside your organic rankings in Google search and your social media referrals.

Webfingerprints displays your audience, popular pages, average session duration, entry channels and weekly change in a presentation that matches your other analytics integrations.

Organic search

Keep an eye on the traffic on your website.

You can see how many session there are on your website and from which keyword they come from

Organic website traffic channels

Audience info

Learn more about your potential clients

Get detailed info about the position, age, gender and device used to visit your website.

Audience analytics


Check if your website is effectively gaining your clients

measuring how many visitors are actually placing an order.

Goal Conversions

Customer Testimonials

Trusted marketing reports for our clients

I found it very difficult managing my SEO clients and I was a bit wary of using software. But I must say I have been very impressed by Web Fingerprints. Not only has it made it easy to manage my clients but It has saved me time to pursue other projects.

Claire Wilby - Future Digital

Managing my clients for SEO became very difficult and often took hours. Fingerprints has definitely improved this process and I have also found it very useful just showing clients their progress and the boost in their business.

Steve Williams - SEO Marketing