SEO Management Software

Manage your SEO clients and monitor the results that make the difference.

  • Excellent Software!

    Managing my clients for SEO became very difficult and often took hours. Fingerprints has definitely improved this process and I have also found it very useful just showing clients their progress and the boost in their business.

    Steve Williams - SEO Marketing

  • Highly Recommend!

    I found it very difficult managing my SEO clients and I was a bit wary of using software. But I must say I have been very impressed by Web Fingerprints. Not only has it made it easy to manage my clients but It has saved me time to pursue other projects.

    Claire Wilby - Future Digital

  • Ranking Reports

    Instead of manually editing and managing ranking reports our ranking tool allows you to view updated and regular rankings for your keywords. Using Google and Bing we update your report every 24 hours.

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  • Google Analytics

    Sometimes seeing who has viewed your website is just not enough. You want to know how long they viewed your website, how long did they stay on your website and how they found your website. Our Analytics tool can tell you why people are viewing your website and if they are viewing it with effect.

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  • Backlink Reports

    Receiving backlinks from other websites can be a key part of modern SEO. However, it is important as to who is linking to your website. Our backlink tool analyses who is linking to your website, which keyword is being used and how powerful these backlinks really are.

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  • Social Media Monitoring

    Monitoring Social Media can be a tedious task. Our Monitoring tool can keep track of your Social Media updates from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube showing you who is interacting with your accounts.

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